A few years ago, I decided to built a marketplace for freelance illustrators called Artisfy. I spent 3 months designing, 3 months building the front-end, and 6 months building the back-end. After fixing all the bugs I could find and getting everything looking right, I launched the website 2 years after I first had the idea.

I was able to meet lots of people and make lots of good friends through this product launch, but I couldn't shake the feeling that it took way too long to build the MVP.

Fast forward 6 months, after reaching out to and interviewing dozens of potential customers, I came up with a second idea: RequestCreative (a quick and easy way to market creative freelance services).

With this project, I decided not to use a framework, to use only minimal vanilla JS, and to keep things as simple as possible on the back-end. I wanted a server-rendered web app with a beautiful front-end and not much going on behind the scenes. I spent months designing the app in Sketch and getting feedback by interviewing potential customers before starting to build it out — so I could be sure it was something people actually wanted.

However, once I started to build the actual product, I quickly realized I needed to make a serious compromise: either focus on my own peace of mind as a developer or double down on making the user's life easier... I couldn't have both.

After a lot of thinking, brainstorming, and talking with friends, I decided I needed to build a better solution than once out there for building simple, CRUD web apps in days instead of months. I knew, in general, that all my products needed more marketing, more time interviewing customers, and less time spent configuring code.

After a few months of tireless work, Remake was born.

Remake 🧙‍♂️ is a framework that lets you build web apps really quickly using only HTML templates and native data-* attributes.

🥞 Sortable lists
🧘‍♀️ User accounts
🦙 Zero config
🏹 Built-in CRUD features
💾 Data saving handled

I'd really appreciate it if you'd give it a try and see if you like it. Maybe it will work for your next project. It's amazing for building website builders and CRUD web apps of any kind — and a lot more features are planned and on the roadmap, including

  • image uploading/cropping
  • anonymous user form submissions
  • realtime data syncing

Here's a demo Kanban app, which took a full day to design, but only 30 minutes to make functional with Remake: https://kanban.remakeapps.com/

And here's a fully-customized Remake web app, to show where the framework is heading: https://requestcreative.com/